Birame Sock

Third Solutions, Inc.

Birame Sock
Birame N. Sock is the Founder and CEO of Third Solutions, Inc, the leading Digital Receipts company in the US considered to be building the “Next Big Thing”. Based in Miami Beach, FL, Third Solutions recently launched the first multi-merchant digital receipts service, operating as MyReceipts™ which electronically aggregates receipts from participating merchants and presents them to consumers via the company’s website and partner channels, reducing the need for physical receipts while helping consumers and companies to become more green. Operating on the company’s patent-pending software platform, MyReceipts includes a targeted marketing engine for retailers and marketers, such as consumer packaged goods organizations, to communicate more effectively with consumers. The company has recently completed a highly successful launch in select Whole Foods stores and MyReceipts consumers can now also receive their receipts from several major retail stores such as Best Buy, Wegmans, Office Depot, Staples, and Hertz. Several top brands have joined the MyReceipts network and are currently delivering highly targeted digital offers through this innovative marketing platform.

In recognition for her work at Third Solutions thus far, Ms. Sock received the 2010 North American Cartier Women’s Initiative Award and was recently featured in Marie Claire Magazine.

In 2002, Ms. Sock founded Musicphone, Inc., a Wireless Entertainment company and successfully led the Company up to its acquisition in July 2007 by Gracenote, Inc., a recognized California-based Digital Media company. Musicphone was the first to launch a Wireless Music Recognition service called MusicID with AT&T Wireless (now the New AT&T) and Virgin Mobile USA in 2005. Ms Sock had led negotiations that led to key agreements with major record labels including Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and others. In 2005, Ms Sock served on the Board of CKX as an Independent Director and Audit Committee Member. CKX is a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ (“CKXE”) and engaged in the ownership, development and commercial utilization of entertainment content. With CKX, Ms Sock was involved in very high profile acquisitions including the purchase of Elvis Presley Enterprises, 19 Entertainment/American Idol and the Muhammad Ali brand. Ms Sock quickly became the lead Digital Media strategist for American Idol working on the launch of and negotiating key deals with major exclusive sponsors such as AT&T. As a result of her successes as an entrepreneur with a strong focus on new technologies, Birame Sock has appeared on CNBC and Good Morning America, has spoken at many leading digital entertainment events and has been quoted in several articles in the New York Times, Billboard Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle. Prior to Musicphone, Ms. Sock was Vice President at SetNet Corporation, a Wireless Messaging company and worked as a Senior Programmer for Nortel Networks, Inc.

Ms Sock is considered a visionary with a strong technology background giving her the ability to develop new ideas from conception to deployment with top companies. She attended the University of Miami where she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting and Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. She is fluent in French, English, Wolof and conversational in Spanish. Ms Sock currently lives in Miami Beach, FL where she enjoys playing tennis and spending time at the office coming up with new ideas.