Top 100/Top 50 Women-Led Businesses

7th Annual Top Women-Led Businesses in Florida Awards Ceremony

7th Annual Top Women-Led Businesses in Florida Awards Ceremony


Each year, in every corner of the country, smart, committed women lead successful companies.  Each year, in Boston and in Florida, we stop to recognize those among us who have proven to be the most exceptional.

In Boston and Florida respectively, TCI releases its list of the 100 Top Women-led businesses and 50 Top Women-led businesses.  Rankings are based on company revenue within each state.

These outstanding women and the businesses they lead are recognized throughout the year in both the printed press and on the web.  All are honored for their contributions at an annual awards event, held locally in Boston and South Florida.

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On October 26th, 2014, TCI and The Boston Globe revealed the 13th Annual list of the Top 100 Women Led Businesses in MA, based on 2013 data. This was an exciting year for us as we received the most surveys we ever have, and it was the first year non-profits participated. 2014′s Top 100 organizations generate an excess of $73 billion in revenue & employ over 70,000 individuals in MA. View the list, read in-depth interviews with awardees & learn more herew. Thank you to all who participated & congratulations to the Top 100!

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