S. Florida 11th Annual Women-Led Businesses Honorees!

Congratulations to our Top Women Winners of 2016!

We had a great time last week at the 11th Annual Awards Ceremony & Luncheon Honoring the Top Women-Led Businesses in Florida. Thank you to those who joined us!

The panel discussion and top women-led business honorees were based on the results of the 2016 Women-Led Business Survey. This survey report identifies trends for the next 12 months, and recognizes the challenges and successes of women who lead companies in Florida.

Please share the survey results with fellow female leaders, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions.


2016 Honorees:

Top 50 Women-Led For-Profit Organizations in Florida

Lisa Lutoff-Perlo
Kirsten Dolan
Deborah Beetson
Alicia Cervera Lamadrid
Robin Ranzal
Linda Watson
Ellen Latham
Olga Ramudo
Leila Jammal
Deborah Herman
Catherine Muth
Lisa Somerville
Christine Franklin
Sue Romanos
Mayte Fernandez
Barbara Stankowski
Mary Freeman
Rachel Sapoznik
Josephine Kling
Ginger Martin
Teresa Canlas
Miranda Monahan
Sandy King
Tina Elmowitz
Kay Stephenson
Susan Stokes
Celeste Notardonato CPA MBA
Leigh Ann Hoey
Jennifer Cramer
Rita Goldberg
Mary Carmichael
Angela Heyne
Susana Robledo
Sally Hayes
Joyce T. Velitschkowski
Suzette Dimascio
Betsy McGee
Dawn Tiura
Eileen Rosenzweig
Jennifer Stafford
Ania Rodriguez
Linda Gonzalez
Deborah Smith
Holly MacDonald-Korth
Jill Steinberg
Lourdes Martin-Rosa
Delia Passi
Kizzy Dominguez
Deborah DeLeo
Debbie Margolis Horwitz

Top 10 Women-Led Not-For-Profit Organizations in Florida

Sister Linda Bevilacqua
Lucy Morillo
Kristi Mollis
Gillian Thomas
Barbara Weinstein
Kim Cavendish
Germain Baugh
Deborah Spiegelman
Tina Phillips
Catherine Penrod