TCI Supports Boston Gov. Patrick ‘Women in the Workplace’ Initiative

The Commonwealth Institute Board Member, Pamela Reeve, attended Governor Deval Patrick’s launch of the Women in the Workplace Initiative today, an effort designed to support a ‘pipeline of women’ positioned to fill leadership roles in both public and private sector organizations.

TCI supports this important initiative which, in partnership with Bentley University and their Center for Women in Business, seeks to expand and promote opportunities for women in high-level positions. One component of the Women in the Workplace strategy includes a “Massachusetts Women’s Leadership Fellowship,” intended to create more actual opportunities for women to participate in leadership development and networking programs.


“An economy is only at its best when every individual has an equal opportunity to participate,” said Governor Patrick. “By focusing on redefining our own strategies to support women in the workplace and challenging our business community to do the same, we will strengthen our economy and build a better Commonwealth for generations to come.”