A Conversation with Executive Director, Aileen Gorman, featured in Citybizlist

TCI Executive Director, Aileen Gorman, was recently interviewed by the online business publication Citybizlist Boston about the impact of TCI support for women-led organizations, and her strategies for leading evolving initiatives.

Among the questions posed by Citybizlist included inquiries about our Top 100 Women Led Businesses survey. Aileen shared:

In our most recent study there was no doubt these Top 100 women are an economic force to be reckoned with:  At $53.8B in revenue, these women-led businesses represent 13% of the Massachusetts GDP.  With over 200,000 workers, they keep over 6% of all Massachusetts employees on the job. These women lead in every industry sector— health care related businesses,   construction,   communications, technology and IT services, and manufacturing.

Last year we partnered with The Boston Globe Magazine to conduct and publish the survey and will do so again this year. It was widely viewed across the state and very positively received.   The visibility of women-led companies is light years from where it was when we began the Top 100, and I am proud to say that The Commonwealth Institute has played a significant role in making that happen.

Aileen also commented on what makes TCI unique among like-minded organizations, and her role in ensuring TCI remains in sync with member needs throughout fluctuating economic climates.

Make sure to check out the rest of the interview here.