Women’s Toolbox Annual Conference

The Women’s Toolbox Annual Conference is one of the area’s premier conferences for women and this year’s conference is going to be the best yet.  The theme this year is Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Well.  The goal of the conference is to provide attendees the information and resources they need to succeed in business, life and the community.

Whether you are running your own business, contributing to your company’s success or managing your family, attending the Women’s Toolbox Conference will help you be seen, be heard and be well!

Sandra Larkin experienced huge breakthroughs from attending the conference…

“The Women’s Toolbox conference is a great place to learn, grow and connect with a group of brilliant and talented women.   For me, it has also been a transformative experience.”  

A few years back, I was going through a midlife career crisis and wondering what was next for me.  Today, I have a growing marketing and branding business called The Metaphor Maven, and I’m working with clients all over the country.  I am also leading the newest chapter of a women’s organization, the Dream Factory Community.  Both of these happened as a direct result of attending the Women’s Toolbox conference in 2011 and 2012.   I’ll be an exhibitor in 2013, because the Women’s Toolbox is a place where things happen and businesses grow.”

Attending the conference will help you find out what’s next for your life.

If you are a business owner or responsible for the growth and success of any business, there is so much for you at this year’s conference.

Meredith Liepelt has attended every year – see what she has to say about the experience…

“I’ve attended every International Women’s Toolbox Conference and have consistently found new clients, made great connections with people, learned about tools and resources I need to manage my growing business and learned from the speakers.

One year I walked away from the conference with 9 new clients! 

This conference is unlike any other I’ve attended because Janet knows how to pull a group of motivated business women together and get them to open up so they truly connect with each other in meaningful ways.  That is when real transformation and growth happens.  I’m always impressed with Janet’s ability to find creative ways to connect people to the people and resources they need to grow your businesses.  It’s an event I travel to because I’ve always gotten a return on my investment.”

Attending the conference will help you grow your business.

Here is a special surprise for you, if you register for the conference before 7/23, you will be able to submit a story about your life, your business, your advice and the Women’s Toolbox will celebrate you by showcasing your article on the home page of their website and on social media!

Here is the link to register,  the early bird rate of $197 has been extended for a few extra days for The Commonwealth Institute members – so be sure to register before next Wednesday, 7/23.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make this an amazing event, please feel free to call Janet on her direct line at 781-995-3772.