The Bentley Microfinance Group

The Bentley Microfinance Group is a student-run, certified 501(c) 3 non-profit based out of Bentley University. The organization looks to make small loans, ranging from $500-$10,000 dollars, to small business owners within the Greater Boston area that do not have access to the traditional means of capital (banks, credit unions, etc.). Through giving these loans, BMG hopes to strengthen the local community and provide opportunities for growth to their loan clients.

Use of their $125,000 loan fund has proved beneficial to numerous members of the local community. One example of this comes from a woman who wanted to improve her published magazine. Although a great businesswoman, she could not access capital due to her financial background. Unfortunately, she had some serious medical issues a few years before, and without medical insurance, she was forced to pay for expenses incurred out of pocket. This eventually resulted in her declaring bankruptcy. The Bentley Microfinance Group was able to look past these financial records and work with the client to help fund her business.

If you would like to learn more about The Bentley Microfinance Group and the services they provide, feel free to access their website at You can also reach them through e-mail, at, or through telephone, at (781) 891-2044.