Lessons from our CEO Forums: Articles that Inspire Shifts in Thinking

Lessons from our CEO Forums: Read on for lessons shared by Bonnie Gorbaty, Forum Leader, on articles that inspire shifts in thinking.

Throughout the Forum year, we are always looking for that great article that can address some of the most pivotal issues all of our members are faced with. Oftentimes, the topics are around maximizing the potential of their people. Recently, we reviewed an article whose subtitle caught my eye. I found the article in “Leader to Leader”, a compilation of great articles on various aspects of leadership. The title of the article is “Intelligence Multipliers: How Smart Leaders Double the Power of their Workforce for Free.” Coming out of a four year recession that has taken a toll on leaders and staff alike, I thought this could be a great way to get the Forum members reenergized and inspired to look at themselves as leaders and in a practical way.

The article differentiates between leaders who are ‘Multipliers’ who are able to double the brainpower of their employees in contrast to ‘Diminishers’ whose behavior causes employees to use only half of their capabilities. The Forum members were asked to review the article in preparation for a discussion on how these two approaches and the practices suggested resonated for them in how they show up in their company.

Every one of them saw aspects of themselves as ‘Diminishers’ and could tie it directly to some of the constraints they had in getting the most from their people. After some great discussion on the insights each gleaned from the article and gained from what others were finding, they each identified one key action they could take immediately to being to shift their thinking and resulting actions.

We track these commitments and then follow up in future Forum meetings to see what new learning and outcome may come from these Forum inspirations. What this session also acknowledged for the members is how often they come back from a Forum bringing some new thinking and action into play. They actually cautioned each other to make the shift in a seamless way so that their employees wouldn’t say – I guess today was a Forum day.


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