THEREdesign joins NBBJ’s Boston office to start interiors group

Please read on for news from member Katy Flammia from THEREdesign:

“Big news at THEREdesign, after 16 years of great clients and projects, will no longer be an active design studio. In January we will be joining NBBJ’s Boston office to start their interiors group.  (  We have worked with Chan Krieger Sieniewicz in the past. They merged with NBBJ (Seattle company with NY, Columbus and several other offices) about 2 years ago and recently moved into office space in downtown Boston.

Its a very challenging and exciting development. We are really happy and a little bittersweet about winding down THEREdesign, mostly because of all the great people we got to work with through the years. I wanted to let you know the news and encourage you to stay in touch. The THEREdesign email will continue to work for a long time. The new email works now too”

Katy Flammia

THEREdesign interior architects

244 Brighton Ave #105

Boston, MA 02134

Academic  *  Hospitality   *  Corporate  Branded Environments