Suzanne Bates

Suzanne BatesSuzanne Bates publishes her new book Discover your CEO Brand  which walks you through the process step by step, teaching you ways to increase your visibility and influence by combining traditional self-branding vehicles like PR and face-to-face networking with new social-media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. This book isn’t about corporate branding, although your leadership brand is part of that. It’s not about crafting a leadership style out of thin air in order to influence people and “get ahead.” It’s about discovering your own personal leadership style. It’s about connecting with others authentically. It’s about instituting change that benefits the company and the people in it.

As the saying goes, a brand name is more than a word – it’s the beginning of a conversation.  Whether you’re the CEO, a senior leader, or want to be one someday, what’s the conversation people are having about you?