TCI Members Make it Their Business to Support One Another

The Commonwealth Institute announces that after an internal member survey, members prefer doing business with other members.

During the last quarter, members reported on “Done Deals” and other business to business relationships that were a result of their TCI affiliation.

“The Commonwealth Institute allows women to network in a safe, confidential environment and the results of that one on one networking speak for themselves”, states Jodi Cross, Executive Director.

“Our members want to do business with someone they know and trust”, says Lisa Landy, President, Advisory Board.

Some of our deals include:
• CAREERXCHANGE has provided numerous staffing placements and key employees to member companies.
• Kim Marcille, Possibilities Amplified has a consulting contract with Landry & Kling Cruise Event Services
• Merrill Lynch provided assistance with financing for Hobarama and Rosevine Winery
• Miami Herald Media Company has signed a contract with BlueCross BlueShield of Florida

If you would like information on how to contact TCI or become a TCI sponsor, please contact us at 305-799-6547.