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The Commonwealth Institute (TCI) is a vibrant nonprofit organization, founded to help women-led businesses become and stay successful.

Our membership includes CEOs, senior corporate executives, directors of nonprofits and proven solo professionals – women who are committed to working on their respective businesses.

Our organization is “community-based” – our goal is to help each other learn, grow and succeed as women business owners and business leaders.

Our programs and events are varied, collaborative and unique, always focused on helping participants develop personally and professionally.


Upcoming Events


Strategic Networking Workshop


Does networking really make a difference?

The answer is a resounding yes! But too many of us network haphazardly and hope that our efforts will have an effect.

In this workshop, Maya Townsend, founder and lead consultant of Partnering Resources, will help you move beyond an ad hoc approach to a sustainable, targeted, high-impact networking practice. She will help you learn how to build the strategic networks that can help you ace your projects, advance your career, and find new opportunities. You will:

  • Learn about the science behind networking
  • Understand the four networks that everyone needs–and the one that women usually neglect
  • Assess your network for strategic strength
  • Understand how to build a more sustainable, high-impact networking practice

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Registration Fees
$15 – TCI Members
$50 – Non-Members

Date: April 22, 2015
Time: 7:30am


Tenth Annual Awards Ceremony & Luncheon!


10th Annual Women's Led Luncheon Invitation OnlyAbout The Event: 

In January, we distributed a survey to over 1,000 women from businesses all over Florida. Each woman was asked to answer questions relating to facts about their company, goals, their leadership journey, revenue, expectations, what sets women apart as leaders, and their personal and professional successes.


Based on their responses and analysis from Kauffman Rossin, we compiled our annual list of the Top 50 Women-Led Companies and Top 10 Non-Proft Organizations, which will be revealed at our annual luncheon on April 2.


Join us for an exciting afternoon of networking, awards, recognition, and insight from our extraordinary panel of women from our lists who will share their thoughts as we honor Florida’s Finest Women-Led Companies.

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Sponsorship Opportunities: 

The Annual Top Women-Led Businesses in Florida Luncheon and Awards Ceremony honors women in business across the industry spectrum and we are proud to put this event together yet again. It is important to acknowledge leaders in the business community for their accomplishments and as a sponsor you will be directly honoring every woman in the room for their exceptional work and continued dedication.


For more information  please contact Katie Doyle at kdoyle@commonwealthinstitute.org or 305.799.6547

Date: April 2, 2015
Time: 11:30am-2:00pm